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We are Nappra Consulting an association created to help Pharmacist, Physician & Dentist to obtain the qualifications to apply and work in North America while working towards Canadian and American certification. We are now accepting Visa, MasterCard and American Express for full access to Nappra.com

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Tips from Program Advisor - Kelly Smith

Hello Everyone,

We have a great team that are very eager and excited to help you succeed. We try to create and process your files as soon as you fill in the profile form. The form is very important as it helps our consultants and advisors customize your program. This allows us to communicate with you via email and normal mail. Here are the most common causes for delays or errors:

  1. missing information
  2. incorrect details
  3. duplicate or repeated forms filled-in

Once your completed form is submitted, you should receive a welcome email from your assigned Program Advisor. They will verify all particulars, including contact information. The next step, you will receive an official "Welcome Letter" while your Program Advisor will be doing some of the research and verification on your file with the required Consultants. In the interim, a personalized Kit will then be sent directly to you.

I hope this helps you get a great start. I look forward to talk with you,


Note: for all Medical / Pharmacy / Dental Students, the university / college information is very critical. Please fill-in as much information as possible and use the comment section for all additional details.

The Board Of Directors

  • Christina Schulze

    Christina Schulze
  • Dr. Zeiad  Nimri

    Dr. Zeiad Nimri
  • Dr. Hazel Hill

    Dr. Hazel Hill
  • Dr. Derrek Jensen

    Dr. Derrek Jensen
  • Dr. Salah A. Mohamed

    Dr. Salah A. Mohamed
  • Dr. Harehsa MBBS MD FRCS

    Dr. Harehsa MBBS MD FRCS
  • Miss. Kelly Smith

    Miss. Kelly Smith
  • Prof.M.Leda


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  • Canada and the United States continue to face a critical shortage of licensed pharmacists, physicians and dentists.
  • There are less licensed practicing pharmacists, physicians and dentists in North America than there are positions available.
  • These high demands have resulted in continuous increases in wages and very beneficial opportunities.
  • Corporate and hospital pharmacies are unable to adequately fulfill recruitment needs with existing resources.
  • Attempts at recruiting immigrant professionals have often met with failure.
  • The shortage is going to become more critical over the next five to 10 years as growing numbers will be eligible for retirement. These same "Baby Boomers" will also put more demands on the currently overwhelmed health systems.
  • The forecast for the healthcare industry is expecting unprecedented growth over the next 30 to 50 years.
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