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About Us

Nappra Consulting has developed the most comprehensive Pharmacists, Physicians ,Dentists and Nurses recruitment program across the world. We are addressing both short and long-term needs for key components in the healthcare industry.

Since 1989 as the leader in recruiting and consulting , our first responsibility is to our clients. Nappra Consulting is committed to providing  an excellent support as our clients make their  crucial transitions: from graduate school to licensure.

We have a Dedicated professionals to walk you through   as a Consultants exactly like  who  you  are, they are    Devoted to contribute in  helping  you  out  of   their own personal difficulties they went through   and this  continuous obligatory sense of help required by their peers to navigate through the cumbersome  and lengthy process. These processes include the preparing for and completing the various Canadian , American ,Australian  and  Ireland and British  Evaluating , Qualifying   and  training exams process  and then earning their respective credentials and  accreditation.

Those  international Pharmacists, Physicians  Dentists and  Nurses  who work as a  consultants with Nappra they   have accumulated their experiences, skills , knowledge by   been affiliated  with  Nappra Consulting since 1989 .

As many professionals have found out, there are many obstacles to overcome and the available  options are very limited, particularly for people living outside of North America,  Europe and Australia . This is why Nappra Consulting has committed experienced  consultants that in fact  will help you with every step of your journey, not Limited to  the academic  standards needed to be met as well as  study guides that have resulted in unparalleled and proven success for all of our candidates,

But most and foremost their personal experience and Guidance  which resulted in putting them there as a Professionals licensed to practice in these countries.

Yes ,others provide their clients and Candidates  with the Academic support ,

Nappra do that as well ,

But  we recognize the fact that all the Medical Courses around the world they are symmetrical ,in many way shape and forms !!


Having Said that :

What makes us different and special is that we will provide you with the consultants who were already  walked through the same process  to take your hands and walk you through whatever  it takes   to help you stand the same way they did  stood  . that is  what actually defines us .. !!

The programs are individually customized for each candidate’s needs and requirements to guarantee the maximum benefits. This program has been proven extremely successful and its unique personalized  approach has proven in  assisting  all applicants in earning their licenses and credentials over many years .

Our values – giving you an idea of how we work

We’re proud to work here and passionate about what we do

– Our values – giving you an idea of how we work ,what we do and how we do it .

– We’re proud to work here and passionate about what we do

– We love what we do and are excited to be part of Nappra. We work together to create a friendly environment with open doors and a family feel. And we’re nice people.

We deliver on our promises

We show our commitment by following through and always being open and honest . We do what we say we will and aim to build strong, long lasting links with everyone we work with.

We continually learn and develop

We work as a team to create the best experience for those who work with us. We invest in our staff and our systems and together we will always strive to do better.

We listen and have people’s best interests at heart

We’re in it for the long term, so building relationships is the key. We treat everyone as individuals, making sure we deliver the best possible outcome.

We want to be best at what we do

All of the above helps us to build on our achievements and raise the bar. We will grow and develop along the way, but will always remain down to earth and true to our original principles of simple, personal and excellent service.

Nappra ’s clients include many of the top healthcare organizations in the world.

Nappra recruits numerous Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacist, Nurses and AHPs as well as their respective students attending these classes  who enrolled during  their courses time to be guided  by Nappra in their early stages of their professional education so to lined up accordingly which in fact  will  help to eliminates a majority of the unforeseen  obstacles they might go through if they choose to work abroad  from across the world.

Healthcare institutions ,Hospitals ,Retails outlet , Pharmacies ,Pharmaceutical research  and retails Entitles companies utilizes  Nappra for its vast and extensive experience and expertise in successfully recruiting  Professionals through our  programs  we offer around the world.

Clients and candidates benefit from our highly experienced multi-bilingual staff based throughout the world.

Whether you are a candidate now looking for a new position or are a client looking for assistance with recruitment, or relocating across North America Europe and Australia  contact Nappra to  get registered and  find out how we can assist you.

Believe, Achieve, Succeed

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