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President’s Message


Prof .M. Leda with Dr. S. Maharaj

I always wanted to become a positive influence in my community and only needed to be given the opportunity. It was devastating to see friends and peers working in jobs well below their abilities and qualifications, just because their credentials weren’t eligible. Unfortunately, many of them weren’t able to move forward and would often give up. I am very proud of our institution and program. The flexible and customized strategies allow our consultants to help everyone. On behalf of the Board of Directors and our staff, we would like to wish you the best and hopefully help you achieve the life you dreamed of and deserve.”

Prof. M Leda

At the personal level I have been grown up at a family farm in Texas state USA as a Devoted Catholic since my father was a Baster in the City Church, Seeing him providing a sanctuary shelter and support to all Mexican refugees and aliens home infiltrated through the south boarder of the united states ,individuals ,Families and seasonal workers who are honestly wanted to work hard and improve their life style taking care of their family the best they can do has impacted me and the way I think since that early stage of my youth hood .

The spirit and the power behind Nappra Consulting was accrued and ignited in my mind back on the days of the spring of 1989 when I was practicing in the state of California while taking a Taxi getting out of the Airport started sneezing as I can remember severely inside the Taxi ,

Then I noticed that the driver start explaining the pollen grains and elaborating on its major contribution to the Allergies seasons with some sort of medical background , out of curious I asked him about his background he did mentioned that he is a MBBS Doctors arrived to the states from India three years ago and driving a Taxi so to survive as well as support his family back in India – a wife and two kids – , that was shocking to me back then ,specially about how difficult is that for someone to give up on all these years of training and hard work to handle life in a way just to survive .

Before I get off from His Taxi I took his Phone number and had one of our foreign graduated Doctor to call him so they can exchange views and to see if he will be of help to guide him getting through the process he went through till he get his license to practice .

A few years later after this incidence , I get to know that Dr .Mahraj has passed all the exams needed and he is looking for Hospital matching to start his internship ,that was a thrilling news to me for one good reasons that I have been a part of some one life change .

A success of a person is totally depends on the people you meet in life ,we have been empowered by to stand and do positive which turns to be it is the driving force of what we do till we organized these positive individual spirit assent and translated to formulate Nappra Consulting , since 1989 Directly or indirectly we affected the life of thousands of professionals around the world ,

We did achieved the recognitions awards in England and United states of America many times over the years in the past years

Our budget expanded and inflated to stand at 15 Million Dollars a year ,

Nappra Consulting it is not an Academic plate forms ,since our believes is such that all these professionals we have supported over the past years they went through the symmetrical academic credentials approaches similar to the one we have in the west , the only short coming lies in the technicalities and experiences , we will provide guidance not academics , our consultants we will assign to you are not better academically more than you do !! , they are just spiritual leaders with motivating guidance spirits , willingness to help and direct , they will just take your hands and walk you through the same roads pathways they went through ,that what define us ,

Yes you can. !!

If they make it !! I have no reasons not to believe why you can’t

So you have to

Believe –Achieve and then you will succeed..

Being a services provided to a member only !

Our believe is that , success only will come to those who are committed and dedicated !!

Nappra it is continuous tedious efforts of uplifting and courageous process of believing achieving then success .


Prof . M Leda


Nappra Consulting

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