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All the Professional enrolled students are welcomed to join Nappra from the time they have been enrolled in their respective colleges initial classes ,

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For the benefits of spreading and re shaping their priority and prospective as well as gains Nappra guidance in influencing their choices in the future professional life ,

From the early stages of their academics they have to believe, and achieve so they succeed in their future life professional life they have chosen , as Mrs. Annie – Marie Budua below in her strong testimonial wording


Minshi Wang

I have been a member of Nappra Consulting since my second year as a pharmacy student, and I’m now finishing my last year. I came upon Nappra accidentally. I was visiting a friend, and found him on the Nappra website. I remember being hesitant back then because I assumed it was mainly designed for the graduating pharmacist seeking to migrate to North America, I figured the benefits would be slim since I was just starting my education.

I filled out the online forms to become a member, and starting getting newsletters and other communications periodically. Nothing major at the beginning, but it was something to talk about with fellow students and friends. However, after receiving the subject matter and quiz on each topic, I began to notice a big difference between the courses we take, and the courses taught in North America. They focus on clinical, ethical and regulations aspects. For example, there is lots of emphasis on jurisprudence, bylaws and clinical pharmacy aspects, which in fact, reflects the value of the human being and their safety in that part of the world.

The one drawback I had at the beginning was that the student section was being developed and wasn’t well organized. It did cause some confusion as they would send me topics I didn’t need until my final year, but it was being taught in the first year in North America. This issue has been addressed and corrected after the comments from previous students. They now have customized programs for each individual.

Getting help with the evaluation exams is another benefit that I’m going to be using soon. I’ve already applied for the study guide and exam materials. As well, they informed me that I can write my evaluation exam in England. They are assisting me with all the arrangements and details for England, because I didn’t have a North American visa or Permanent Resident status. Next, I will use their affiliated lawyers and law firms that specialize in immigration. After I pass my exams, I will be eligible to apply to become a permanent resident in North America. I’m very excited. All my family and friends have been great support and I hope it all works out.

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