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“Nappra Consulting : appreciated very much all the contributions from its members and we assure you that we are posting your testimonial comments and contributions to share your success stories with others so you can enlighten and inspire them , without any Editing or censuring of any comments received from its members , in fact it will be posted as it has been received .

We would also like to extend our thanks, appreciation and gratitude specially to those who share their personal information with Nappra Hope it will be inspiring to other colleagues”.

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  • Dr.W. Shawkey

    Dr.W. Shawkey

    I was working in a hospital in Egypt, but I had to apply for a sabbatical leave to accompany my husband to Montreal, Canada. He was being sent by his university to do his post-graduation in Electrical Engineering.

    It was tough for me in the beginning. I had to work at many different jobs to support my husband and two kids. These included being a nanny, cleaning houses/offices and on weekends we would deliver magazines and flyers from house to house. Eventually I got used to these kinds of jobs, but was frustrated that we couldn’t get further ahead. I was also concerned about keeping up with my profession (as a physician). We would be staying in Montreal for five or six years while my husband finished his PhD course. Not practicing and not keeping up-to-date, for such a length of time, would greatly affect my ability as a physician. A year had passed and this thought was always in the back of my mind.

    Then one morning, I received an amazing e-mail from a friend of mine in Egypt. She had forwarded me the Nappra referral link. I went through their web site, filled out the forms and submitted them. A couple of days later I got a reply email from a Nappra staff member. They required some of my specific details and immediately began to develop a customized and personalized file for me. There are no words to explain how that email changed my entire life, as well as my husband and kids’ lives. In addition, I introduced my younger brother Dr. Ashraf to Nappra. They helped him with the Evaluating Exam, which he was able to complete at the Center in Saudi Arabia. Based on his Exam results, their affiliated law firms can assist him to get a permanent resident in Canada ,Australia or England since there are really a lot of shortages positions for Physicians in these countries .

    I was under the impression that people like us (foreign graduate Physicians) do not have a chance specially in North America to practice Medicine I hadn’t realized that almost 35% of all healthcare providers in hospitals and health institutions in North America are foreign graduate professionals. I found out that I hadn’t been informed and that I was just unaware of the possibilities and opportunities. The majority of successful people that were able to get licensed they had help from someone.

    Nappra’s strength is the vast accumulation of knowledge and information. Nappra also has Consultants (foreign graduates) to help individuals with the process of becoming licensed in North America. These Consultants have gone through all the same stages to get licensed. They were devoted to share their experiences with me and they guided me through all the steps required to get my license to practice as a Physician in North America.
    All I can say to Dr. Lida and to all of NAPPRA’s staff is – thank you -. You helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I sometimes feel that I should send an email asking your advice on buying houses or cars, since I trusted you in so many important decisions in my life and my Husband life even then he is a PhD Engineering Student , I will never forget you.

    I would especially like to thank my consultant Dr . Stevens. He devoted a lot of his time and energy to help me through the Evaluation Exam. I appreciated that you kept me informed with Nappra’s information and material, and the study guides were great. God Bless.

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  • Dr. Krishna Mudaliar

    Dr. Krishna Mudaliar

    I was a long standing Nappra Consulting Member since 2007 , being successfully relocated to California , they reshape my life .

    It was a tedious process but I guess it worth it .. !!

    “Nappra Consulting is the way to go with all the Foreign Dentists who really interested to change the way they wanted to re shape and structure their future , They are really resourceful and helpful in both dimension academic , and Protocol wise , simply they will take the Foreign Dentists from A to Z so to speak ..

    When I have been asked by many Colleagues from overseas interested to migrate to North America , was a bit outdated in some comments but , please contact Nappra . you will find all the answers you are looking for ”

    Thanks you

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  • Adel Bebawy

    Adel Bebawy

    I believe that a person’s experience in life should be an open book to inspire others. A positive attitude is my most important life principle. When Nappra asked that I share my life experiences, I was honoured and excited. I wanted to inspire and help others, and to let them see some of the ups and down that I had to go through. After all, comparing all the help I received from them versus going through this on my own, the choice was easy.

    It all started a few years ago during a phone conversation with a friend of mine. We were discussing the difficulties that we were both having at work. Shortly after, he emailed me a link to a website – Nappra.com. I decided to take a look and I browsed the website. I filled out the forms and was interested, but I am very busy with 3 children and had to resume life as usual. Leaving my job was the last thing that would come to my mind!! Even though, I worked in a very tough and difficult environment at the Hospital Pharmacy.

    A few days later I received an email from Nappra, welcoming me to their consulting firm, and confirming the information that I provided. Soon after, I received an official membership letter, along with an information kit in the mail which had everything I wanted to know about their program. Also, they assigned me to a Program Advisor and a Consultant (a licensed Pharmacist) who were to guide me through the process. My consultant was also a foreign grad and had recently gone through the program. They took me through the degree and certificate evaluation process, and then helped prepare me for the Evaluation exam. Every now and then I received newsletters and other informative materials. I was concerned however because I didn’t have a working visa to go to Canada or the United States, to write my Evaluation Exam. This issue was soon resolved as they advised me that it would be possible to complete my evaluation exam in England, since there is a writing center there as well. In the meantime, they provided me with the Comprehensive study guide materials, which had everything I could want from A to Z including sample questions. It had been almost 15 years since I finished my University studies to become a Pharmacist, so I found this evaluation package kit to be really helpful. I made the decision to fly to England during my summer holidays to do the exam. I came back and resumed my normal life at home in Kingdom Saudi Arabia.

    Three weeks later I got my results along with a congratulatory letter from Nappra. My grade was among the top 25% of the passing candidates! (The standing results are given quarterly.) With these great results, my Program Advisor recommended that I should contact a law firm. I decided to use the law firm that’s affiliated with Nappra, seeing that I could get the immigration process started, immediately. Since I was able to get a job offer in Canada, I was able help the law firm accelerate my immigration paperwork. Truthfully, my intention was to go to the United States, but I was able to become a landed immigrant in Canada due to the job offer I had. With the Canadian Landed Immigrant Status, I would be able to move freely across North America and have an opportunity to decide where we would want to live permanently. The additional benefit of being a landed immigrant is that if we remained in Canada for three years, we would be allowed to become a Canadian citizen. At this point I decided to resign from my job in Saudi Arabia and we moved to Canada.

    Since my ultimate goal was to work and live in the USA, I decided that I would explore the opportunities and the process of getting a license to practice there as well. My Consultant advised me to consider writing the American Pharmacy exams, since the information and lots of the material was still fresh in my mind. The exam materials are very similar in Canada and the USA, and there is only a slightly difference with the steps involved. At the same time, I was preparing for the Canadian Qualifying Exam and the Osky (an oral exam). This was a good idea and I was able to use Nappra Consulting again for the study guides and material to help prepare for the American Evaluation Exams. These exams are basic pharmacy science, which included areas of Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals, with less emphasis on Clinical and Practical aspects. The study material was helpful and critical, as the exam was tougher than I thought it would be. I passed and now I could pursue my goal of being a licensed pharmacist in both countries like many Canadian Pharmacists.

    Interestingly, one of the emails’ my consultant sent me asked if I would be interested to join the “Pharm D” program. It was a newly created and designed program that had just been added to their set of courses. From their inside sources, it was indicated to expect that within a few years a Pharm D degree will become mandatory to practice Pharmacy in North America. It can be completed though correspondence, so I decided to enroll in the one year course while I’m preparing for my qualifying exams. In 2 months, I will be finished it.

    I know that I had a lot to tell, but I hope that someone can benefit from some of my experiences. I know that North America is a wonderful place, very welcoming and it is really the “Land of Opportunity”. I’ve seen many people who came with nothing and now have made a great life for themselves and their family. One example that I know personally is a Lebanese Pharmacist who came to North America with a few hundred dollars in his pocket. Ten years later, he and his business are worth $50 million. As well as a Sudanese Pharmacist, who quit his post graduation and moved to the North America, he established an Internet based Pharmacy there. He’s now has multi-millions of dollars worth of chain business.

    Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Nappra staff for their continued kindness and support. I still enjoy getting their newsletters, which in fact has giving me information and helped on many of the challenges that a new immigrant faces.

    Without Nappra’s guidance I don’t know where I would be today. I would recommend their help and services to anyone.

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  • Minshi Wang

    Minshi Wang

    I have been a member of Nappra Consulting since my second year student and Biomedical sciences , and I’m now finishing my last year. I came upon Nappra accidentally. I was visiting a friend, and found him on the Nappra website. I remember being hesitant back then because I assumed it was mainly designed for the graduating pharmacist seeking to migrate to North America, I figured the benefits would be slim since I was just starting my education. since When I was younger I wanted to go far away, to explore, “When I was in high school, I decided to go to a college that was far from my hometown. To become a successful biomedical researcher And , after that, I wanted to cross the ocean to another country. So there is something inside of me that wants to explore

    I filled out the online forms to become a member, and starting getting newsletters and other communications periodically. Nothing major at the beginning, but it was something to talk about with fellow students and friends. However, after receiving the subject matter and quiz on each topic, I began to notice a big difference between the courses we take, and the courses taught in North America ,England and Australia . They focus on clinical, ethical and regulations aspects. For example, there is lots of emphasis on jurisprudence, bylaws and clinical pharmacy aspects, Patients’ Rights and privacy which in fact, reflects the value of the human being and their safety in that part of the world.

    The one drawback I had at the beginning was that the student section was being developed and wasn’t well organized. It did cause some confusion as they would send me topics I didn’t need until my final year, but it was being taught in the first year in North America for instance as well as England. This issue has been addressed and corrected after the comments from previous students. They now have customized programs for each applicant student members individually.

    Getting help with the evaluation exams is another benefit that I’m going to be using soon. I’ve already applied for the study guide and exam materials . As well, they informed me that I can write my evaluation exam in England . They are assisting me with all the arrangements and details for England, because I didn’t have a North American visa at that time or Permanent Resident status. Next, as well as I will use their affiliated lawyers and law firms that specialize in immigration. After I pass my exams, I will be eligible to apply to become a permanent resident in North America. I’m very excited. All my family and friends have been great support and I hope it all worked out.

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  • Joanna  Floris

    Joanna Floris


    Thank you Nappra ..

    Got all my Family with me in Canada now .

    Happiest person in the planet ..

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  • Reginaldo Fidel <br/> Flores Horwitz

    Reginaldo Fidel
    Flores Horwitz

    Information is power…

    So what most nurses do now after they graduate, is they shift into a different field. Their career path would now be in a call center industry. And the sad part there is that one of those is me.

    Instead of practicing my profession after I got my Registered Nurse license by 2008, I applied as a call center agent in a BPO company. Due to financial reasons again and difficulty in applying on hospitals, I have to look for a job that would help my family. was looking for a chance, a hope that would lift me up from all these obstacles.

    Same reasons as before, though I have the heart for nursing, I’m being tempted to go back to the BPO industry for it feeds us and provides me instant money to support my needs.

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  • Eliza


    I guess I was a right person in a right place and right time with right Nappra people ….

    Thank you for all good things you guys makes it possible to happened to my life..

    Keep on moving.

    Special regards to my Consultant Nadine.. Thank you..Thank you..Thank you tha…………………….

    I just can’t say thank you ..

    Love ya

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  • RN Charlene Esteban<br/> Ronquillo

    RN Charlene Esteban

    Nappra Means a lot to me !! didn’t thought it will work in the beginning , but it did .. J

    Was in Libya when I get a referral e mail from my Cousin Rochelle who lives in Canada , I still keep the first e mail I have send to them .. !!


    Special gratitude and appreciation to my Consultant Nadine from the bottom of my hard for all the good and Bad time we went through together ..

    You are great Nadine … God Bless your family .

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  • Anglais, Français

    Anglais, Français

    Although I am not a Nurse !! I am a Journalist !!

    But I find it necessary to add some words to the effort that Nappra consulting . has put together to all my referrals family members who are Nurses by profession .

    I did shared all your good work and dedication to the Local newspapers I am affiliated with ..

    Just wanted to let people know how good your Dedication has changed some of my cosines life !!


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