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With our depth and range of experience, Nappra consulting has a comprehensive understanding of the pharmaceutical and healthcare marketplaces.

With experience in the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare settings, pharmacy practice and clinical research, our consultants are able to provide a wide range of services to meet our clients’ diverse needs. our specialized skills and training allow us to evaluate our clients’ needs and provide thoughtful, innovative and integrated solutions.

As a pharmacist You will work directly with one of our consultants to help you navigate every step of the way. The consultants are using the same programs and study materials that were essential for them to complete their certification. Students can access study material that can help from the first to the final year. The materials will prepare you for North American standards and enable you to complete all required examinations

We recruit a wide range of pharmacists from around the world to work in different countries.

Nappra consulting is also recruiting experienced pharmacy professionals for a number of permanent positions in pharmaceutical companies, retail clients and chain stores. This is a fantastic opportunity to join friendly pharmacy teams and work with some of the world’s top pharmacy professionals. Whether you are overseas or based anywhere in the world we are dedicated to finding you the perfect opportunity.

We provide you with required materials you need in order for you to succesfully pass the licencing exams in any particular country you choose also introducing you to the immigration consultants that we deal with making your process of moving easier by saving you time and money.

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